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Villa Sofia Tuscany

Villa Sofia Tuscany,
Villa Sofia Tuscany

Villa Sofia Tuscany

Villa Sofia's philosophy is simple: to offer a remarkable experience to all the guests and to share the love and dedication that through the  centuries has drawn people to Garavicchio. The  estate and the area have a lot to offer – from eating organic food grown on the property to being  enchanted by the magical artistry of the Tarot  sculptures, from a quiet lunch at home enjoying  the remarkable view to day at the beach in one  of Italy’s most fashionable seaside resorts, and much more – which makes a stay at Garavicchio  a unique yet versatile experience. 

Every detail of Villa Sofia is the fruit of long and careful research and dedication: each piece of furniture has been designed and custom built  using the best Italian artisans, the art collection  is part of a groundbreaking project that seeks to  promote female artists, all of the food offered is  either locally grown or organically farmed within  the estate and prepared following Garavicchio’s  best recipes. At the same time, great care was  taken to ensure the villa offers as much in comfort a s it does in design by the integration of the latest  technology (sound system, heating, WiFi, cinema room)

Indoor features:

  • 5 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms (master bedroom, 2 double bedrooms kids bedroom with twin beds and underground service bedroom) all with air conditioning
  • 1 Guest Bathroom
  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Drawing room
  • Winter garden
  • Cinema room
  • Gym, relaxation room & sauna
  • Laundry room

Outdoor Features:

  • Covered dining area
  • Under-the-starts dining area
  • Covered lounge area
  • Swimming pool
  • Private garden
  • Private parking


  • 1 Cook/ Chef
  • 3 Maids
  • Laundry service (excluding dry cleaning)
  • Gardening & pool service
  • Personal trainer, tennis coach, yoga instructor, masseuse upon request.
  • Babysitter upon request.
  • Overnight staff upon request.
Garavicchio sits on top of a hill covered  in olive groves, overlooking vast plains of  wheat fields and vineyards that stretch for  several miles until reaching the sea. Nestled at 
the southern border of Tuscany, it’s a special  spot where the scenic Tuscan countryside  meets the blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Features & Amenities


Total Bedrooms 5

Area & Lot

Status Global Listing


Every detail of Villa Sofia is the fruit of long and careful research and dedication.

Sofia Falleroni

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Sofia is an accomplished real estate broker with over $500 million in sales completed to date. A native of Florence, Italy with fluency in four languages (English, Italian, French, and Spanish), she boasts not a stellar sales and service record, but a discerning clientele that spans the globe.

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