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Falleroni Team

With 24 years of combined experience the Falleroni Team is a distinguished and notable name in New York City Luxury Real Estate.
Exceeding $500+ Million in Real Estate sales, the Falleroni Team and its leader, Sofia Falleroni, consistently rank every year among the Top 1% nationwide and are included in the WSJ RealTrends America’s Best Real Estate Professionals list.
One of the Team’s strongest assets is their international and diverse background.Their ability to speak 4 languages fluently provides connection with an international clientele in ways that no other team achieves. Sofia Falleroni and her Team have been securing New York City real estate for buyers within 18 different countries, for the past 15 years. The Falleroni Team specializes not only in identifying the correct investment opportunities, but in providing a sustainable fiscal structure for the investments and in reviewing the legal implications of owning in the USA. The Falleroni Team offers a boutique personalized service, where they refer certified accountants, fiscal experts, real estate attorneys and other expert professionals who specialize in ancillary services integral to our buyers’ acquisition of international real estate assets.
Falleroni Team’s motto, "Domestic Knowledge and Global Reach" , is personified by their specialized knowledge of the Manhattan Market and the diversity of their heritage. In addition to multilingual skills, the Falleroni Team’s members have diverse personal and professional histories that span from the music industry, to dance and performance, to the banking and finance sectors. This enriches the Falleroni Team's ability to connect with and relate to clients ranging from professional athletes, to celebrities, and economic professionals, in a way that no other Team could.
The Falleroni Team naturally has a global perspective which transcends language and cultural barriers and boasts a discerning clientele that spans the Globe. A heightened sense of discretion, straightforwardness, and creative thinking allows them to comprehend their clients’ needs and discover out of the box solutions which may not be evident to others.
The members of the Falleroni Team share many hobbies, including swimming, tennis, marathon running, cooking and spending time with their beloved pets. They also give back to their community and raise money for charitable causes, including the New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), and Red Door Community (formerly named Gilda’s Club).
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Mobile: (347) 446-9088

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Sofia is an accomplished real estate broker with over $500 million in sales completed to date. A native of Florence, Italy with fluency in four languages (English, Italian, French, and Spanish), she boasts not a stellar sales and service record, but a discerning clientele that spans the globe.

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