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Meet Simone Malferrari

Simone Malferrari

Simone Malferrari

Falleroni Team Associate

Born in Bologna, Italy and raised internationally, Simone’s international background, adaptable personality and entrepreneurial spirit are the three pillars that make him a trusted and accountable advisor to his clients. Rapidly responsive, he's devoted to help each client achieve maximum value from their investment, along with providing the highest level of service.
He is a proud member of the Falleroni Team, a top-producing team that by leveraging 4 languages spoken and 24 years of experience achieved $500MM+ in executed sales.
His passion for real estate is rooted in the Principality of Monaco, the location in which he grew up. To this day Simone has an extensive network there, as well as a deep knowledge of the market. Through his additional experiences in New York, Italy, Spain, London, Norway, and Australia he has also developed a strong understanding of the international real estate dynamics. His mastering of four languages, English, Italian, French, and Spanish extends his network beyond the Principality of Monaco, including Europe, the United States, and Latin America. Simone aims to create synergies among these markets, enhancing his clients’ profitability.
After receiving a BBA from the University of Navarra, Spain, he worked for one of the most prestigious consulting firms advising a prominent client in the luxury car industry. He contributed to the digital transformation of one of his client trophy assets, a historical Italian vineyard, and its villas.
Simone’s entrepreneurial spirit pushed him to come to New York, successfully graduating from the Master of Science in Real Estate degree at Fordham University at the Lincoln Center and starting his real estate journey in the “city that never sleeps.”
Simone’s life and business approaches are true to the Latin motto “festina lente,” as he always makes sure his clients “begin with end in mind” as they approach an investment.

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